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As educators and professionals, nothing gives us greater joy than seeing our students grow and succeed

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Jasmine Kang

If I had this course right from the beginning, I wouldn’t have spent so many years finding my way.

Amanda Ljm

I feel like I’m guided step by step, and for somebody who doesn’t have structure in how to build a business, it’s really helpful to have that guidance.

Desmond Yong

Pamela and Nick are both excellent at what they do and are always there for their students. Their teachings and guidance comes from the heart and a passion for wanting to see their students succeed.

June Ou

What make Pamela and Nick’s course stand out especially for me is how they are able to provide quick clarity over seemingly complex big topics. You are sure to be in the right hands having their guidance along the way.

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From ideation and developing supplier relationships, to operations, branding, web and social media marketing, we offer the highest level of professional consultation for entrepreneurs, corporations and governmental agencies.

91% of retail brands use two or more social media channels. To succeed in this competitive space, companies must establish and execute goals with purpose, while protecting the bottom line.

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Brain storm a good business ideaArticlesIdeation
July 12, 2020

How to brainstorm for good business ideas

4 Ways to Brainstorm For Good Business Ideas If you have decided to start a venture and become an entrepreneur, you will need good business…
Book an appointment with CICAArticlesIdeation
July 7, 2020

Choosing an Idea

To find a good business niche to get into, CICA's methodology is to first brainstorm and find at least three good business ideas. Here's a…
June 9, 2020

Select a business idea

Armed with a list of business ideas, you are now ready to select a suitable business venture that suits you.  Take 15 minutes and use…

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