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10 ways to become a millionaire by 30!

By May 21, 2020July 6th, 2020No Comments

by Yihan (Singapore)

Okay, not really.

But that’s the dream and the potential of every entrepreneur. Without a cap to their income, it is possible for any entrepreneur with the right attitude to make that kind of money.

My story with Professor Pamela is probably more of a head/heart journey than anything else. The great thing about learning under an entrepreneur is that: you learn about what you can do, instead of the usual criticism from academics about why it cannot work.

From TE, I learnt that the most important is to try. And to ask. As I watched the way Prof Pamela interacted with business people outside of classroom, I realize that the secret to finding good business is simply: to ask.

“If I buy 20 packets of pasta from you at $1 discount, would you deliver it to any location for me?”

“Can we bypass this and start the business anyway?”

The most important thing here is to be .. what steve jobs would say, be hungry and be foolish. You don’t need 1000 reasons why you cannot, you just need one reason why you can.

Many times for me, I’m just too afraid to ask. Too afraid to try to bend the rules or whatsoever. But as I’ve learnt one thing from her, which is to challenge the status quo and just keep hitting against the wall. One day the wall will crumble.

So, above all the projects I’ve done and am doing, I still thank Prof Pamela for her deep insights; sometimes we hear so much of it from books, from other professors, but it’s so different when we actually see someone living it out instead of just preaching it all the time.

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