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A Drop of Honey

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The Team Behind A Drop of Honey

It is a time for gathering, and you need a place that offers good food and good environment to hang out with your friends whom you have little time to meet. Now it’s the time to decide which place to go and you don’t have an ideal place in mind. Is the situation familiar to you? Well, A Drop of Honey offers you a solution to that.

Be it a proper meal or just desserts, we have it all available for you. Aside from filling up your stomach, A Drop of honey offers you the platform to be open about yourself in seeking the happiness you truly need. “Don’t be shy to have fun”, that’s the slogan that each and every employee in the store lives up to. Fun is good and it multiplies when it is shared.

We want every customer in a drop of honey to maximize the quality time shared with their loved ones and keep their stomach happy at the same time. Every single element and everyone in our store gives you an opportunity to take one step closer towards happiness.

A Drop of Honey is a honey themed restaurant that capitalises on our commitment in providing quality desserts and services to our customers. By offering indulgence and pleasure through our desserts, we hope that customers will be able to reward themselves and pamper their loved ones. Most importantly, upholding the belief that shared joy is a double joy, we feel that our passion of spreading happiness with desserts and pastries and the vibrancy that our staffs displayed will help in strengthening our customers’ own relationship with their loved ones.

Our target customer consists mainly of dessert lovers and those who value the spending of quality time with their loved ones. A series of promotional efforts will be carried out through the social media platforms. We believe the strategic location of our store around town area will enable us to attract our target segments through students from various city campuses and shoppers during weekdays and weekends respectively.

Our restaurant believes in making every aspect of our customers’ dining experience personal. Apart from training of staff and organizing of activities to inculcate a sense of belonging as well as foster bonds between employees, we will also hand make every menu entree. To further enhance a customer’s experience, we seek to constantly generate new product ideas. Also, we have designed a unique customer journey for our customers who dine in A Drop of Honey to experience joy and to find their own happiness.

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