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A Mindset Changed

By May 26, 2020July 6th, 2020No Comments

by Jacqueline Sitorus (Singapore)

I have always wanted to graduate, get a good job with decent pay, and live a good life climbing the corporate ladder. Though I knew the advantages of having my own business, I have never wanted to go in the direction. It is probably because of my upbringing that made me feel most comfortable in the tried and tested ways of the world. And this module was just another one I took to get me along the path.

However, the first few weeks of class really surprised me. When I saw the presentations regarding the ideas some groups had, I was so inspired because these people are not here to do a project, but some had real vision. I see the passion in them and know I am among people who are going to do great things in the future. In the past, I always thought of businesses as opportunities and tapping on them, I seldom thought of businesses as a vision!

Then as we progress in the weeks, I realize any great idea needs to be tried and tested. We grill and scrutinize constructively each others’ ideas for weeks. During this time, there were difficulties that were not easy to deal with. Sometimes it felt like we are on a dead end, and changes had to be made to our original plan. It was difficult but a lesson was learned – starting a business is not just about the idea, but a people willing to refine and withstand.

If you ask me now, whether I would give up my job and start my own business, I will probably still say no. But I can proudly say my attitude has changed. Saying no is no longer because I feel that working in MNC is superior, but simply because I have not found that right idea that I can run after. Maybe one day I will. This module changed my whole worldview regarding my future, and I am really thankful I took it on my last semester here in SMU.

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