Sample Business Plan: Format of a business Plan

Before you attempt to write a business plan, you may want to create some business plan tools.  The business plan tools will help you write a better business plan.  Remember, the business plan is an evolving document.  Feel free to change it anytime you deem fit.

You can also download a pdf version of the sample business plan below

You will also need to 

  • Include all documents needed to support your plan

Investors will expect you to come prepared with all necessary information and documents. Documents are very important because they can effectively communicate what you can not communicate through verbal speech. Investors will also have something tangible to reflect upon prior to their responses.

  • Provide support for assumptions, trends, and comparison

Investors want to know if you are visionary. They want to know your anticipations and projections. They want to know how realistic your guesses are and how solid your plans are. Let your projections be impressive and at the same time realistic.

  • Provide support for your development plan

Diagrams, project timelines, scalability reports, or market research results are more convincing than assumptions and arbitrary values. Ensure you put efforts into the substance of your documents. Investors want to know if you are ready to go the extra mile for the success of your business and that starts from your business plan preparation.

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