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Action – When you are Hungry and Thirsty Enough for it.

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by Ong Han Ying (Singapore)

While many people like to define entrepreneurship, I always thought that entrepreneurship can only be defined by “action”. When you embark on the journey, then you are defining what entrepreneurship is all about.

Entrepreneurship is definitely easier said than done. My team experienced it ourselves personally. It’s always easy to plan it on the paper, for whatever you want it to happen, can happen on the piece of paper. However, they may not reflect the reality of life. Hence, I am glad that my team brings The 6th Avenue out from the paper; to make it happens in real life.

However, “action” is really easier said than done. It requires you to buy it, and see it as your need first. Hence, one must be hungry enough and thirsty enough to do it. It is only when you are hungry enough, then you bring out the inner-self – to embark on this journey.

In 13 weeks of the course, I really learnt that ideas are worthless. Business ideas are really worthless unless they are being executed in the real world. The 6th Avenue looks like an easy concept on the paper, however; it is never easy at all. On the paper, it seems that anyone can do it but then, in real life; it is really the team that can carry it out. In the real life, anything can happen. Things can go against on what’ve been planned too.

However, I am glad to embark on this journey with my team mates. We are from different walks of life and this make the team even stronger; as each has different talents and skill sets.

During this course, I also recognize many myths about entrepreneurship. Firstly, many said that they opted for entrepreneurship as they don’t want to work for others, however; this should not be true. An entrepreneur has to be able to work with anyone, and work 24h a day. Our team has to work at anytime and anywhere, whenever it is important to do so. In a team, we have to work with different personalities and tapped on one another’s strength.

Also, entrepreneurship can definitely be nurtured as entrepreneurship skill sets can be mastered. If one doesn’t know how to manage the number, one can research online. Hence, it is the up to individual to choose, and the excuse of entrepreneurship be ‘nature’; is not true at all. If the skill required is a technical skill, the entrepreneur will have to understand how the technical part works ? despite outsourcing it also. Hence, the entrepreneur doesn’t have to be the master of everything, but he/she has to know some of everything.

In all, entrepreneurship is still about “action”. Only when you do it, then you know the definition of entrepreneurship. I am glad to be able to learn about entrepreneurship, slowly and yet; steadily.

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