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An inspired entrepreneurship to be.

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by Sharon Yeo (Singapore)

My initial mentality of the course was a get-it-over-and-done-with; after all it is merely a requirement of my school syllabus. Like everyone else, all I wanted upon graduation was to work for one of the MNCs around and climb up the corporate ladder. If you ask me again now, I will tell you not anymore.

Throughout these 13 weeks in the semester, I have learnt so much more about entrepreneurship. It did not just consist of developing a business idea and writing business plans. There were so much more than just that, from refining the feasibility of business idea, understanding different business structures and financials to sources of funds, etc. It gave me a better understanding of what it takes to be an entrepreneur and motivation to be one.

It was my first time working with a team of eight. Frankly, I thought it was really not easy, accommodating to 8 different schedules, opinions and working styles. Yet, I thought it taught me how to better deal with team dynamics and the importance of teamwork. Through this, I also manage to find partners that share the same vision and drive for continuing the business as well. On top of that, I learnt more on how to manage and find the different resources I need in order to execute a business.

There are people around that would always say, “It’s not going to be that easy.” Or “are you so sure this is going to work?” Surely, nothing is ever going to be easy. Truth to be told, I wouldn’t know if it is going to work definitely but if there is not even an attempt of trying to make it work, I will never know. I don’t wish to have any regrets on this opportunity. I want to give it my best and tell these people, I made it – one day.

I’m thankful I made this choice to choose this course in my very last semester in SMU because it has drastically changed the way I define what career and job satisfaction for me.

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