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by Alnishyia, Aashna, Jinyu, Devana, Zongyi, Stephanie, Suhailah, Vasudha, Delia

Beauty Bank - Teaser

We are currently living in a multi-ethnic, multicultural society of all skin types, hair types, face shapes and skin color. The premise of women using makeup is to help them look and feel beautiful; to be fashionable and stylish. There are so many reason why women of different demographics and lifestyles wear makeup. One of the top reasons is to enhance natural beauty and become more physically alluring. A woman with pretty eyes, may want to use eyeliner to make them stand out more. She may also want to apply mascara to her eyelashes to make them appear even longer and fuller, further calling attention to the natural beauty of her eyes. Some women even wear makeup just because it’s fun to look a little different sometimes.
Some women wear makeup because it gives them confidence. This is along the same lines as putting your best foot forward. The first thing a person usually notices is a woman’s face. If it has been enhanced with skillfully applied makeup, a woman often feels ready for the world and confident in proceeding through the day.
Sometimes, women wear makeup to cover up. While blemishes such as dark eye rings disappear once a women catches up on her sleep, well-applied makeup can conceal them right away. It also serves to brighten up the face, and reduce the visibility of large pores. So as you can see, makeup is extremely important in a woman’s life and it is our job at BeautyBank to deliver this need at a low price and a convenient location.
At BeautyBank, we believe that outer beauty is an enhancement to your inner beauty. We believe that pretty hues that are readily available can make you feel better about yourself and can encourage you to let your inner-self shine anytime, anywhere. Therefore, we want to bring beauty to your world conveniently through a vending machine. These machines are to be placed strategically at noticeable and convenient areas, and would provide a solution to all make-up emergencies. With Beauty Bank, you can be all-ready to impress that client or important person in a matter of a few minutes!
Or, let’s just say you have been hearing big news about a new BB cream from Korea, and you have been eyeing that Maybelline blusher for the longest time. You also have the urge to try something fresh, like a new colour of eyeshadow you have never experimented with before. However, you are afraid to make a purchase, because you are doubtful and unsure if these products would work for you. Beauty Bank serves as an immediate solution! We satisfy your itch to try something new at just a fraction of the real price! Instead of paying a bomb to buy the full-sized beauty product, pay just less than SGD $3 to try a mini version of that cosmetic! The amount of products you get to try is infinitely large, because Beauty Bank updates its products on a very regular basis!
All in all, with Beauty Bank, it is like having your own beauty heaven with affordable and high-quality cosmetics. On your worst days, you can depend on Beauty Bank to step in to salvage your appearance, allowing you to regain confidence in an instant. The best part is- all these are available at just less than SGD $3! With the presence of Beauty Bank, you now know that looking good can be both cheap and convenient!

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