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by Ang Weizheng, Benjamin Liew, Cherie Neo, Gerald Han, Muhammad Ismail, Reanne Lim, Sam Yong, Weng Lu,

Blitzfit Teaser

We started out as a group of individuals from very different schools, majors and different years into SMU. These differences though it meant spending more time to get to know one another, ultimately allowed us to bring varied perspectives to the project.

Our business idea was first created after a long brainstorming session. It really wasn’t easy to come to a consensus on the idea that we will use because we each viewed the ideas from different perspective; marketing, accountancy, etc. However, at the end we finally distilled the ideas into one cool idea: an advertising medium that will enhance the shopping experience.

However, the early enthusiasm was quickly tampered by what we learnt from class. Each lesson’s topic required us to do research and learn the fundamentals that are necessary for a business to succeed. This forced us to relook at how we approach issues and forced us to re-examine our business plan time and time again. Was that the best way to market? Shouldn’t we try to make all the costs variable?

The light came at the end of the tunnel. We learn that bootstrapping finances is not the only solution for company’s growth. Innovation is the core focus of our effort. And the best innovation comes from the inspiration and synergy of existing ideas from people of different background and character. We believe that if we cannot minimize cost further – let’s increase our revenue. And to this end, we believe that our goal will succeed.

We spent countless of hours implementing strategies after strategies. With our team culture in mind, we conceptualized a harmony of service and product into one platform. We call it ‘Blitzfit’ – a portmanteau of Blitz speed and fit matching. The concept of Blitzfit is tailored to answer the worrying calls of mid-high tiered retailers who are concerned with customers’ loyalty. How do we know? We are fashion lovers too.

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