Why Start an Online Business

We know that the years ahead will be difficult. Many retail businesses have already failed, the travel industry is experiencing unprecedented decline, universities everywhere: from the United States to Australia are struggling. Many jobs will be lost.

Traditionally and historically, people become taxi-drivers and hawkers for alternative sources of income. However, these options seem unattractive during this pandemic.

Whether you think that your job is at stake, believe your existing company needs a new direction or think this is the perfect time for you to embark on a business dream. We will help you.


I have educated and coached some of the most successful entrepreneurs in Asia. Helping my students find their passion and way forward in business is my passion. After 16 years teaching entrepreneurs, I’m confident that I can help you hit your goal. So much so that I will refund you the course fees if you do not make your $500K in two years.

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We journey together for two years while building a business with you. We start from ideation (finding an idea) to the point where you are profitable and earning at least half a million dollars of profits in two years. You can come with an idea or none at all.

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Our offering the refund guarantee is contingent on your engagement and work ethic. Those include taking our feedback and advice seriously, working consistently for at least an hour or two every weekday. You must bring everything to the table and be ready for the long haul.

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How to Start a Business Online Course

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CICA Start a business online course