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Can I Pop Art You ? – Bevan Tan Jun Ming

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by Tan Jun Ming, Bevan (SIngapore)

Life Quote:  I-M-POSSIBLE

Writing this journal was a lot harder than I thought it was. Squeezing what I have learn for 12 weeks into a few paragraphs is not really easy. I gave it a lot of thought and reflect about it and hope that my journal is still readable. Being a year 2 SIS student, I often look at my seniors in class and respect their experiences they have gathered and shared in class. Looking back at my Journey in Technological Entrepreneurship and Opportunity Identification, the only word I have is ‘Satisfaction’. In addition, I thought I start off with 10 Satisfaction I have for this course.

1. Satisfied with starting and creating my first commercial site at Pop Art Inc (

2. Satisfied with my Professor Pamela Lim for her constant guidance and sharing of her experience.

3. Satisfied with myself dropping my Business Process course (opps :x) just to attend this course.

4. Satisfied with my team mates who were unique and awesome in their own ways.

5. Satisfied with my fellow classmates who gave us constant feedback and sharing of experiences that taught me the way of an entrepreneurship.

6. Satisfied that learn a more realistic side of what it is like to be an entrepreneur and this course is not just another ‘entrepreneurship’ course.

7. Satisfied that I met some random stranger and gave my team and I great experience at Vietnam (Proved to me, the world is still filled with Kindness)

8. Satisfied that choose what I like to do by making the first step.

9. Satisfied with my weekly lessons that motivated and brightens up my week after having a long week in school.

10. Satisfied with being able to list 10 items of Satisfaction from T&E.

Thinking back of my journey, what is most wonderful is that a class of us undergo the same course. The amazing thing is that we all walk out with experiences crafted to our own walk with T&E. I feel this platform of experience that Professor Pamela Lim has built for us is indeed the best platform any course has to offer. In my experiences with so many entrepreneurship classes from poly until now, I indeed give my almost respect for what this course can make us accomplish over the 12 weeks. Then again, it is not just the professor but also like-minded friends who might be entrepreneurs or even soon-to-be. I have never expected to rely on my class for feedback, but just for this course, I CAN! I can go back and ask for feedback and voice freely without worrying that I am competing for class participation or even fear of backlash from others. This experience is unique.

From the 13 weeks, I’m really inspired with entrepreneurship, apart from the things we learn from taking the first step or even finding right friends. I saw another aspect of it that many people fail to remind you of, this is especially shown from some existing entrepreneurs and also mention by Mr Wong Toon King (T.K.), Love what you do and Do what you love. This very instant of why entrepreneurs are created is not because they want to just be their own boss; it is in fact a way of life or a belief they have. I strongly believe it is this that makes them think different, see life different and have a passion for what they do. From this course, I can see this strongly portrayed in individuals like Vincent, Andy, Professor Pamela Lim, my ‘CEO’ Leonard, Dr Wong Toon King and many more. I am glad that this course taught me about not some 101 steps about being an entrepreneur. Rather, what really an entrepreneur is about. I really love the challenges being thrown at Business plans, Business ideas, the business trips and really us being entrepreneurs. Until now, I still live in shock thinking that my team actually went to Vietnam during our school breaks. It was a double wow and really like to thank Prof for initiating this idea. It was awesome and I never believed we could have taken this idea so far. Seeing the business evolve was the other realistic expect, from just 13 weeks, I saw how the business undergone from just simply pop art, to DIY Pop Art to then Customized paintings.

I guess that at the end of day, I do believe ‘We only live life once’. To those graduating or even still studying, find your purpose in life. If you end up as an entrepreneur one day or an employer, I guess at the end of day, you must truly tell yourself. You have done your best and live your life without any regrets. As much it sounds cliche to say ‘Live Each day as it was your Last’. I will say that, “live each day as tomorrow will be uncertain”. We never really know what going to happen but just as long for today. We make full use of it doing what we love.

I really had an awesome time in T&E. It was indeed fruitful to hear comments from my peers and fellow seniors. I like to thank you my team Pop Art Inc, Professor Pamela Lim, Andy and all classmates. I hope you all well on your future endeavours. Till we meet again 😛 Perhaps any chance for a 20XX gathering for Professor Pamela Lim T&E class or a Facebook group 😡

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