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Designing an entrepreneur journey

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by Clara Wong (Singapore)

In my 3rd year of college study in SMU, I was looking through the courses in my major of business management when I came across the module, Technological entrepreneurship. I read through the course outline and found out that SMU was providing a platform for students like me who are interested in creating a business. I always have an interest in entrepreneurship and decide to take this chance. I wanted to achieve something before my graduation.

I stepped into a class full of strangers, people of different backgrounds and in the back of my mind; I was thinking if I couldn’t find people of same ideology and dreams, I will drop the class. But l was bestowed with luck, I found 2 people, with the same passion and our ideas alike. We managed to pitch our ideas to the class and gained more support of 3 more members; establishing our team of 6.

The journey of a start-up was tough. 6 strangers, different ideas, different perceptions, different backgrounds, but one thing bonded us: Passion. Each of us threw in our areas of expertise and worked hand in hand. Though many times we faced setbacks, we supported one another and push everyone forward and towards our dream. This great team pushes me to strive even harder. The team was very motivated and always meet at least once a week despite everyone’s hectic schedules.

The team was so passionate about entrepreneurship and I was very fortunate to gain their support in the entrepreneur journey till now and I strongly believe that the team’s efforts will pay off soon as we see our business establish and grow in the near future.

Clara Wong
Singapore Management University

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