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Elastic is an electronic last minute ticketing online market place that specializes in the resale of ticketed events in Singapore. Think of Elastic as the eBay for tickets only. We specialize in reselling tickets to concerts, events and local attractions.

At Elastic, we noticed that many people were buying and selling resale tickets off websites like eBay or hardware zone and the problem with these sites was that listings would almost be crowded out immediately by thousands of other general listing within a matter of minutes, making it very difficult for genuine buyers to find guine sellers. We wanted to put a stop to this, which is why we came up with Elastic to provide an efficient, smooth and secure way that would connect the buyers with the sellers and vice versa.

Remember that one time when you bought a pair of concert tickets but couldnt make it last minute? That’s essentially as good as doing throwing the ticket away and at Elastic, we no longer want to see a pair of good tickets go to waste.

So join us on our journey to redefine the way resale tickets are bought and sold across the region.

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