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Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey until u found ‘the one’ for u…

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by Tan Suat Ting Jane (SMU)

Have u found the one-ur perfect biz partner?

I’m not referring to your bf/gf but lovers in partnering with you in the business. Mr Udders (Mr. David Yin) told me that finding that perfect business partner was as if searching for your soulmate. The partner has similar goals, passion and vision of the business as you do. He warned that we should never try to persuade someone to partner with you. Point taken.

On the other hand, we have got another point of view from our SMU Senior,Mr Farmer; he said that we convince them to work with us and based on our attractiveness (talents,charisma, etc) we can attract people to work with us. There are always different perspective in business. however, both emphasized that we should be very clear of our strengths and weaknesses so that we can look for those who can compliment our capabilities well.

The main differences amongst my other Entreprenuerial modules, T&E module inspires me enough to get me thinking about my business plan day and night. I was very motivated because doing an online business is so easy as well as getting funds from IIE. I was so enthusiastic that i started to pitch my business idea to whoever i met.Well, i am still looking for potential partners.

T&E examines the possibilities of a fast start up business online and the arena for like-minded individuals to collaborate and sharpen each others’ skills and knowledge. I had a great team whom i addressed as ‘LitBulls’ and it was the first project team who could balance both work, play and studies. At the end of the project,I learnt about managing a team and the importance of keeping a passion fired up. Having said that, passion must be driven constantly and sustained within a good team. According to entrepreneurship
specialist Don Hutson, “Passion may be the most important ingredient to sustaining and growing a successful business, but it needs to be matched by a leadership style that is attractive to talent.” (Business Times,10 Nov 2009)

Lastly, i would conclude with my favourite quote, “none of your ideas is good until it is tested in the market.” – Mr. Patrick Khor

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