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Flitch mobile app

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Flitch is a mobile application platform that allows fashion consumers and merchants to satisfy their fashion related needs and wants.

Market Opportunity

Fashion consumers
At the present, fashion consumers have to look to different platforms to satisfy different fashion needs. To purchase fashion items, they would turn to traditional shops or online stores like blog shops, online fashion websites. To look for fashion inspiration, fashion consumers would choose to Google, look up social networking platforms like instagram browse through magazines and so on. There seems to be a lack of a focused platform that allows people to buy, sell and browse through anything related to fashion on the go.

Fashion merchants:
With the pervasiveness of the internet and online shopping, the trend now is no longer to own bread and mortar shop, but to set up online shops via blogs or websites to sell fashion products. However, new online merchants often find huge difficulty in competing with already well-established online stores such as ASOS, Zalora and so on due to the lack of marketing budget and platform to capture the attention of the right audience. It is also expensive to own a professional looking website or shopping cart system to manage customers’ purchases professionally. What these merchants need is similarly a platform that will where they can market their products to targeted audience that are potential customers and a professional purchase system that they can make use of to bring their online shop to the next level at a much lower cost

Value Proposition

Fashion consumer
For fashion consumers, Flitch is a one-stop platform that allows them to satisfy their fashion desires in several ways. Firstly, fashion consumers can explore different fashion styles by browsing through style sets of other users or create their own style sets from an extensive range of fashion items available in Flitch’s fashion gallery. Other users, fashion merchants or themselves could contribute fashion items to the fashion gallery. Upon seeing an item that they desire, fashion consumers can choose to share it on other social networking platforms or purchase the item it is contributed by a fashion merchant.

Fashion Merchants
For fashion merchants, Flitch offers a target platform for targeted advertising to take place so as to maximize the returns spent on marketing their shops and fashion products. Flitch also allows merchants to make use of our professional shopping cart system to conduct sales transactions so as to bring up their brand image and improve the quality of service to their customers. The styling system used by fashion consumers also allows them to directly interact with fashion merchants’ products. This could potentially increase the fashion consumers’ interests in their products, thereby helping fashion merchants bring in even more sales and outreach to potential customers by putting their clothes up on Flitch.

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