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Hi group

Local artistes in Singapore rarely get the chance to showcase their skills. It’s not that they aren’t talented, it’s just that they don’t have the opportunity to showcase their skills. The current music scene is such that the same old bands get recycled continuously at the various venues that require live performances. This is due to a lack of knowledge. The venues (like pubs) have no idea what bands are currently available, they just rely on word-of-mouth recommendations from their friends. This definitely limits the pool of performing artistes.

Gigabit aims to bridge this gap by acting as a middle man between the entertainment outlets and performing artistes. We are actually an online platform that provides the unique service of connecting performing artistes and entertainment outlets. Through online profiles set up by the respective artistes, we hope to create Singapore’s most extensive directory where entertainment outlets can browse through freely to try to find suitable artistes to perform.
Helping artistes find gigs would help them promote themselves and secure opportunities to perform live, which they might lack currently due to the lack of exposure and contacts. On the same note, the venues can also benefit through cost savings and increased traffic at non-peak hours.

The secondary service would be to actually help boost Singapore’s music scene. This is hopefully achieved by fostering a cohesive community in which artistes can interact with each other comfortably. By establishing a common platform, we hope that bands will be able to reach out to other like-minded people and that this will further ignite their love and passion for music.

As avid lovers of music ourselves, we hope that Gigabit would be able to function as a stepping stone to success for these artistes. We see so much potential in so many of our local musicians and it is a shame that they go unnoticed.

“Every voice deserves to be heard.”

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