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by Melvin Tiong, Jay Bheda, Randall Wong, Jurane Solano, Goh Jiawen, Jacqueline Sng, & Salvin Sim (Singapore)

Buying advertisement space in top magazines, billboards in the city center, on the television and radios? These could just be advertising of the past. With the advent of the internet and rising popularity of social media such as Facebook, advertising is now given a new space to shine. Gspot Pte. Ltd. (Gspot) takes advertising to a whole new level – as a solutions provider that allows retail merchants to quickly launch an effective promotional pricing campaign through social media (specifically, through Facebook).

Instead of having to devise their own promotional distribution strategy, clients can leverage on Gspot’s signature Share-to-Redeem model to virally push their offering across Facebook. Businesses can get their sales promotions seen by as many eyes as possible, at a very attractive cost-per-view rate. Here is how the Share-to-Redeem model works:

– The partner merchant enters his promotion details at Promotions can take any form the merchant desires (e.g. percentage discounts, freebies with purchase, lucky draws, etc.). This promotion is then broadcast onto Facebook under the Gspot app, and is initially distributed to a small number of customers by the merchant.
– Viewers who are interested and click are told that the promotion is redeemable simply by sharing it on Facebook. he clicks on the button, which shares the promotion via Gspot on his own Facebook feed. At the same time, redemption details are sent to him.
– By getting people to redeem by sharing, the promotion is virally propagated across people’s social networks, achieving an ever-increasing number of impressions and redemptions.

Based on the success of a lucky draw campaign commissioned by a local travel association, in which over 250,000 impressions and 1,000 participants were recorded in just 1 week, Gspot is confident to attract an average of 40 merchants for the basic tier, 8 merchants for the premium tier, and 4 merchants for the professional tier in a month.

Gspot has found a space to shine, and it aspires to extend its reach both locally, and globally.

The reflection video highlighting our team’s journey and thoughts on EBC can be viewed below.

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