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by Wong Wei Min, Siah Hwei Ting, Alvin Ong, Lionel Koh, Shannon Teo, Agoston, Adrian Teo (Singapore)

Have you ever wondered where to get help when the air conditioner breaks down at home? Or where to get help when you need to spend the night with your spouse and there is no one to look after the young ones at home? We provide the solution to your needs! Our business provides a platform for you to post up all your home-based needs for free and all you need to do is to wait for someone to pick up the job! Each job costs only $20 per hour! Our company provides an interactive platform for you to search and request for helpers for your home-based needs, ranging from cleaning to babysitting, even gardening!

Started in January 2012, we are currently at a nascent stage where potential is at its maximum. The team is made of seven individuals who believe in the need of this service especially in the increase in “dual-working parents” and “single parent” families in modern societies. This shift in demographic patterns across Asia calls for the need of such a service where people look for cheaper and easier solutions to their needs.

Our company prides itself in being the first mover in this industry, giving us a head start in capturing the market. With operations based on the internet, our business gives rise to the opportunities to reach out to global markets, especially in our target market – East Asia.

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