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by Andre Tanzil, Goh Ze Hui, Shereen Woo, Jane Tan, Marilyn Lim, Ringo Tan, Chelsea Tan, Sim Xiu Wan

“I’m sick of eating the same food every other day”, “The weather is so hot and my lunch break is too short to travel further for lunch”. These are some of the woes that our office workers complain about on a daily basis. Lunchbox aims to fill this market gap by addressing the perennial problem of dissatisfaction with lunch offerings at the CBD area.

Lunchbox is an online platform where office workers at the CBD area can order their preferred hawker delights. Freshly-cooked famous hawker food will then be delivered right to their office lobbies which they can enjoy in the comfort of their own offices.

Our conservative estimation is an annual 10% growth of our customer base and to be able to breakeven by the 15th month of operation. With sufficient funding, we are looking into the possibility of a more aggressive expansion plans; hiring more workers and renting more vans to expand our market reach.

More than just satisfying our customers’ appetites, LunchBox knows that time is of the essence for these busy office workers. With merely an hour for lunch break, most of them rather buy a takeaway from the nearest food source and have it in the office. Furthermore, with Singapore having summer all year long, many shun away from their favorite hawker food just to avoid the heat and humidity, especially during the lunchtime peak period. Hence, these are the values that we seek to offer our customers; convenience and comfort.

If you are looking for convenience, comfort and contentment from hawker delights, LunchBox is just a click away.

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