Yes, I do love my job! It is always great to see how our work impact lives. Our students make us very proud and very inspired.

When I heard of Michelle’s story in March, I called her and asked if she would like to bring her voice training to the Internet. She got excited, and said that she thought about it two years back and explored it with some partners but at that time, it was just brick and mortar.

I said, do it online! Her eyes sparkled. And they say, the rest is history. Here is Michelle’s story. If you need voice lessons, please hit her up. I told her that she is no longer confined to Singapore.

Tomorrow, we wrap up our April cohort of students who worked with us on their new business ventures. Keep a tab on this page as we will feature some really inspiring stories.

Are you also interested to start a business? We hand hold entrepreneurs and non-entrepreneurs, we will find the best in you and make you shine no matter what you have or do not have. We want to give you hope again.

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As for now, let’s hear Michelle’s story in this CNA feature.

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