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by Johan (Sweden)

When I was younger I always looked at people creating their own business and lived happy and free. Somehow they always seemed to be so relaxed and just enjoying life. I had friends talking about their parents doing all this stuff with their company and how they were good friends with everyone at work. This was special to me since my parents didn’t have that line of work. Both my parents were doctors which meant that they went to the hospital and came back in the evening. They didn’t have the same things with all the travels and didn’t have the big bonus coming around Christmas.

When you were younger you didn’t realize that everything has a backside.
During my education I’ve manage to start up two companies on my own. Not any big companies but still companies that managed to survived until we decided to quit. As the years went by you learn more and more about how you build a company that has the power to survive even in the future. The things that you use to skip all that suddenly seems obvious, all the things that you usually thought was a waste of time seems right. Making a business plan and looking forward was the right thing to do.

From the start I was used to working by myself, it was easier to do everything on your own so you had the control. With the years passing by I learned that working in a group and helping each other can actually be something better. You start trusting people and realize that this can actually be something better than if I was doing it by myself. As I grew, I expanded my horizons and ventured to trust the new contacts that also came from all kinds of countries. I felt that I was changing and that with this I had the courage to do something different and take a chance even though a didn’t have all the control myself.

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