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My Learning Journey

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by Ben Lew

The past 13-14 weeks have been very fruitful for me. I’ll be going through my final semester in about 1.5 months time and I’ve always known that I would start my own business. This course has definitely increased my competency and knowledge of starting a business, managing it, and even how to exit properly if all else fails (hopefully not). It has been very interesting to see the ideas of many other would-be entrepreneurs and seeing how the perspective of others differ from my own.

What made the journey most memorable was the competent and supportive group-mates that I had the pleasure and honour of working with. I never fully understood the importance of having a competent team before this course, but it seems paramount if I intend to grow my business further. Throughout my 3.5 years, I’ve never had to work with such a big group (8 people including myself) and it was a challenge for each and every one of us to coordinate our timings amongst our busy schedules. Nonetheless, we managed to squeeze time out and put in extra effort for this project. Every one was tasked with the areas they were most competent with and thus maximizing our potential.

I don’t think I’ll go into the detailed concepts that were taught in class, but what I took away most, was the experiences shared by Prof, friends, and invited speakers. I believe that entrepreneurship is better taught through experience rather than theory and this course only made me believe it more so. While the course has come to an end, the network has already been built, a network that will prove to be valuable for everyone that continues to pursue their dreams, including myself. I was really impressed and motivated when Prof mentioned about giving up half a million annual salary to pursue her dream. With hardwork, I’m sure there’ll come a day all of us will realize our dreams. When that day comes, I’m sure everyone will be proud to say “I know that person”.

My plans for post graduation were initially a blurred path, but it seems clearer to me now that I’ve gained yet more knowledge and friends. In half a year’s time, I would be embarking on a new journey in life, one I know will be filled with challenges, bitter experiences and sweet rewards. I wish everyone good luck in their journeys!

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