“Pam’s students” was an article that appeared in one of Asia’s best selling magazines and it inspired the creation of this page. This webpage shows the different press clippings, magazine pages, opinion articles, and other types of publications that have showcased some of the success stories of my students. These students are a few of some of the smartest and brightest students that have passed through my tutoring and mentor-ship.

The Path to Success

The path to success for any entrepreneur is rough and rugged. Some of these students started their entrepreneurial journeys from class. Nonetheless, they have continued to make exploits despite all the challenges they’ve met as youths. There is no student of mine that I’m not proud of, and I would love to feature all of them in this article. Nonetheless, they don’t have to all appear here before they know that I consider them “Pam’s students.”

I’m Proud of Them All

Pamela Lim impacted the people in these press clippings with knowledge. However, they also went extra miles to ensure they come out as successes. Nobody can teach any individual everything about entrepreneurship. Putting into action what you have learnt that lead to the process and the final stage of entrepreneurial education. And each individual, each entrepreneur, will have to learn those particular ingredients that bring continuous success through actions and not in words of mouth.

Read and look through this and get inspired by the beautiful works we continue to do. In addition, I would be happy to have your comments below.

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