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by Stanley Tan, Clara Tan, Gavin Chian, Stella Ng, Gary Kwon, Joanne Lim, Wendy Neo (Singapore)

Team Pic'In

As the pace of living increases over the past few decades, it is getting increasingly harder to appreciate the finer things in life and the loved ones around us. People used to enjoy spending quality time together over picnics and bond over activities in the park. At Pic’In, we aim to slow down the hectic lifestyle by re-introducing the concept of picnic to people, especially those of a younger generation.

“Pic’In is your one stop picnic provider that provides a hassle free, all weather picnic experience for every fun-loving individual.”

Pic’In offers a first of its kind, year-round service available to both visitors and residents of Singapore. Touted as a Garden City and with the recently built Marina Barrage and Treetop Walk, there are plenty of ideal picnic locations in Singapore. When orders are made in advance, we will go to their location indoor or outdoor and create an enjoyable picnic experience for them. Whether it’s a Sunday in the park with the family or a romantic indoor picnic with their special someone, they can count on Pic’In to deliver across the Lion City. One can choose to build a fully customizable picnic basket from our website.

In a nutshell, we bring the picnic to you by bringing convenience, providing a wide variety of quality food with a custom-made picnic basket and a fully personalized service.

All in all, Pic’In is believed to not only be just a picnic basket provider, but also the key to help recreate the picnic culture. This venture seeks to ultimately forge stronger relationships between people through bonding over an activity that seems to have lost its charm over the years.

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