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by Cherine Ng, Eddy Goh, Eugene Chin, Haja Mohaideen, Jayen Chua, Sher Han (Singapore)

Pixie One Page Teaser

From the moment we formed the group, we tried to come with some good idea that we can work for this course. For the first 4 weeks, we kept changing our ideas. It was tough as some of the ideas were either too complicated or just too easy for competitors to enter and eat our market.

Eventually, after much discussions, we decided work on the feminine problem of having to put up with dirty toilets. It started with Sherhan complaining about this and showing some of the products from the US. However, those products did not meet our expectation as either they were non-disposable or not as easy to use. Hence, we decided to come up with our own design and the recipe to make the Female Urinating Device.

The 6 weeks that we spent on research and design helped us to make the product as cheap as possible with viable suppliers and manufacturers. Through out the journey our main aim was to have good quality product which affordable while trying to hit the maximum return per product. After numerous attempts in calculations of the various fixed costs and variable costs, we managed to find the best formula.

So here is our product from Pixie presented to you by Cherine Ng, Eddy Goh, Eugene Chin, Haja Mohaideen, Jayen Chua and Sher Han.

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