Brand Identity Design


In the world of eCommerce, a majority of what we do as entrepreneurs revolves around marketing and branding. With such a short attention span, customers buy from companies they like. Establishing your brand as reputable, trustworthy, legitimate, and appealing enough to drive sales in that instant a customer looks at you is no small feat.

With a brand design consultancy from us, our team will engage with you to develop a voice of authenticity, expertise, and appeal that gets customers excited enough to click that purchase button.


Our team will develop the following with you:


  • Understanding and establishing your unique selling position / unique value proposition
  • Develop a clear branding story to differentiate you from your competitors
  • Establish an aesthetic and tone unique to your company and brand story
  • Make recommendations on photo, video, fonts and layout
  • Establish a 5 point plan on brand strategy to supercharge your customer engagement

Following are the deliverables:

  • Brand Name.
  • Logo.
  • Logo Usage.
  • Colours.
  • Typography.
  • Brand Guidelines.

After the consultation with you, our brand team will deliver a logo design according to your branding preference. You have to feedback within three days on what changes you’d like and we will do this for another iteration, and produce the third and final branding and log design. After that, a whole set of branding deliverables will be sent to you.


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