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Our Start a Business Online course is into our fifth intake. Over the last year, we have helped hundreds of people start up online businesses from a starting point of no experience and no business idea. We are confident that you will start making profits within weeks as long as you learn what we teach, and then apply that.



During the six months of the online course, you will get access to all materials that we will constantly update. Your business will go ‘live’ within the first month. For those on mentoring, we will also hand hold you while you start a business for six months. During the six months, we will vet your business, check even the grammatical mistakes that you might make in your packaging and marketing information, and help you set up your online presence. We also provide the training in marketing and accounting matters.

As long as you want to be successful, we will be there to ensure that you will be. If you do everything right, work really hard, the average success of our students has been a profit of half a million in two years.

Past Student Entrepreneurs

People often ask me why some of my students are wildly successful as entrepreneurs. Since I started teaching students how to start their online businesses in 2004 in the university at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, many of my students have since become multi-millionaires.

Many have asked me the secret to their success. Indeed, I have seen some students earning tens of millions a year, some even more. And as to why so many under my tutelage are so successful? It is largely because they are hardworking,  they follow our instructions and methodologies and they possess knowledge and tenacity.

In this new series of my start a business online course, I will be showing you how to start your own business that will become profitable in weeks, and I have gathered an excellent team to assist you on your path.

What you must do on the online course

You have the option of getting us to do all the dirty work for you at an extra cost: the technical part of things, the linking up of the systems and even building your website with your input. But this too is no guarantee for success. Under our guidance, you will have to work hard to do the market research, competitor analysis, development of marketing content, give instructions on how your site would look like and push hard to make your revenue. It’s a challenge but with determination and our guidance, you can do it!

What is the catch? You have to spend time doing some serious work using the resources we will make available to you. For those on mentoring, at certain pre-determined milestones, you have to meet our instructors individually on Zoom to discuss and check your progress, brainstorm and chart the next steps.  We will issue you homework. After that, we will track you for two years! While the active instruction is for six months. If you are on guarantee, we will track you for two years. You have to be focused and hardworking. You can keep your day job initially, but we require you to submit your homework without excuse (even if you are traveling, even if your grandfather is getting married).

How to Start a Business Online Course Pre-requisites:

1. You have to find a way to pay for this seminar fee.

2. You have to raise some money to implement a system and buy your own inventory or samples. Normally, a credit of at least US$3000 is sufficient to start.

3. You must work really hard during these 2 years (2 hours a day, in addition to your day job). If, in your first year, you make more than half a million, be ready to quit your job.

4. If your family salary is below $2000, on condition that you do (1), (2) and (3), I will refund you all the course fees. If your family salary is less than S$3,000, I will refund you half. To qualify for this, you have to submit an application before paying for the course.

5. Join us with a positive mindset, and be ready to change your own life.

6. You will need a network device, like a laptop, a PC or a smart phone.

7. You will be invited to contact the instructors one-on-one on many occasions on the course. It is through these sessions that we can individualize your course for you.


Important Note: not all my students are wildly successful financially. There are always those who choose not to pursue, some who have other priorities.

I seldom repeat my entrepreneur series because it takes a lot of effort to organize. So if you are interested, please sign up early.

Change your own life, it is possible. I have witnessed too many to believe otherwise.

* Please note that cancellation of enrollment will attract a $150 fee and cancellations are not possible once you have accessed the materials.

**The difference between the guaranteed course and non-guaratee course: the materials and instruction are exactly the same. For the guarantee course, if you submit all your homework on time and followed our advice and adjust your business as per our advice and still do not make SGD$500K at the end of 2 years from the start of the course, we will refund your course fees.

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Type of course

Course Only, Course with Mentorship


Without Guarantee, With Guarantee

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October 3 2020, December 5 2020

3 reviews for How to Start a Business Online Course

  1. John Tan Yi Keong

    This course is a must-have for all looking to start their own e-business, it’s extremely comprehensive and up to date. Nick and Pamela bring together their experiences and knowledge with great insights into the e-business world. And their continuous support in your e-business journey is beyond expectations!

  2. hyw88

    Pam and Nick are very experienced and complement each other to bring about an unique coaching experience to budding entrepreneurs. The content delivered during the initial webinars and subsequent hand-holding provided me a lot of assurance that i am on the right track. They are ever supportive and provided a lot of tips for me to move my e-business in the right direction.

  3. June

    What makes Pamela and Nick’s course stand out especially for me firstly is how they are able to de-mystify and provide effective clarity over complex topics. They are generous in sharing their knowledge, give practical advice and provide very relevant executional steps. If you are ready to put in the hard work to follow through, you are bound to see incredible results.

    Secondly, the technical know-how of Pamela on the working of websites and SEOs has also been a great value-add to this course. It is surely a course of choice to kickstart or accelerate your e-business growth.

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