Site Critique


  • With the eCommerce juggernauts taking such a large share of the market, we must realize that we have a single brief moment to make an impression with a potential customer. Developing a great website is an art form that takes knowledge, research, and perseverance. Learning how things work and what inspires customer engagement takes time which costs you potential sales.

A comprehensive eCommerce site evaluation from our team establishes measurable metrics for evaluating the success of execution of your site in categories such as content, functionality, aesthetics, and conversion. We evaluate your site, provide some market specific research and additional resources to help you level up the feeling, function and appeal of your site to drive customer engagement and sales.

A comprehensive site review includes a 21-point evaluation matrix to break down the different areas to develop your company page and establish your company in the mind of your customers:


  • Evaluation of brand/site cohesion
  • General copy editing
  • Site functionality
  • Product Photo/video recommendations
  • Layout
  • Product Descriptions
  • Site Security
  • Customer Funneling Activities
  • Additional resources, articles, competitor analysis


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