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Looking to explore new interests but don’t think you need a full degree or need to refine an existing skillset?

Certificate in Media Production
Certificate in UI/UX, Web, Graphic Design
Certificate in Retail Marketing
Certificate in Social Media
Certificate in Startup Online Business
Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees in Social Media
Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees in Media Arts
Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees in UI/UX

Our Courses

Some of our Courses

Media Arts Production Capstone

Principles of Sound Design and Audio Recording

Lighting for Video

Advanced Motion Graphics

Color Grading for Video

Advanced Video Editing

Intro to Video Editing

Photoshop for Everyone

Introduction to Motion Graphics

Advanced Video Production

Introduction to Video Production

Intro to Marketing

Intro to Economics

Intro to Finance

Business Management Capstone

Branding for Business

Programming with Javascript

Advanced UX Design

HTML Fundamentals

UIX, Web, and Graphic Design Capstone

CSS Fundamentals

Intro to Mobile Application Development

Introduction to UI Design

Front End Development for Designers

Introduction to UX Design

Graphic Design for Mobile Applications

Graphic Design for the Web

Principles of Graphic Design

Social Media Around the World

Personal Brand Management

In our classes

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Cambridge Institute of Communication Arts

The only comprehensive social media curriculum in the world.

Founded in 1630 in honor of the University of Cambridge, Cambridge Massachusetts is known to be the epicenter of innovation in American education. With universities like Harvard and MIT calling Cambridge home, it’s no surprise many leaders of government, industry and education trace their roots back to this small city across the river from Boston.

In addition to its claim as a hub of top tier higher learning, Cambridge also hosts industry giants such as Akamai, Apple, Google, Novartis, Amazon, Microsoft, and Pfizer, not to mention the dozens of tech startups coming out of “the most innovative square mile on the planet” in Cambridge’s Kendall Square neighborhood.

In this center of education and innovation, Nick Manley and Pamela Lim founded the Cambridge Institute of Communication Arts. “We saw an opportunity to provide real, forward facing solutions to gaps in the evolving online educational market.” says Manley. “What we’re developing represents tangible opportunity for a global community in need. It’s an opportunity to provide meaningful access to those who didn’t have it.”

“It’s not just the access either.” adds Lim, “What we’re offering is not just an invitation to view or participate in courses online, it’s an opportunity change students lives through the earning of verifiable certificates and degrees backed up by the strength and accountability of the blockchain.”

“The blockchain is everything at CICA. It offers students, universities, and employers with a secure and level playing field in terms of assessment, transferring of credits, record keeping, and verification of certifications and degrees.” “It’s a game changer.”