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the bake box

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by Amanda, Deepa, Ryan, Raman, Teri, Ann, Raymond (Singapore)

The Bake Box - Teaser

“What should I give my girlfriend for her birthday?” asked one of the clueless guys in the group to the other members.

“Why don’t you bake her something? That’s always nice.”

The excuses flowed out like a running tap: I don’t have the time to buy the ingredients. How do I know which recipes are good? Isn’t it quite expensive? I rarely bake. What will I do with the extra ingredients?

It seemed like there were a lot of hassles associated with baking, yet quite a number of people wanted to bake. What if we could make baking more accessible for all? Our group had been stuck for weeks trying to find an idea which we all could work with. That conversation formed the corner stone of our Business Plan for The Bake Box.

The Bake Box is essentially a service which will deliver fresh-and-packed ingredients and tried-and-tested recipes to bakers in one nice box. Customers will make an order at our website and the boxes will be delivered to them, at their convenience.

With our service, we seek to eliminate some of the hassles associated with baking, making baking more convenient than ever. By offering a large range of recipes, we cater to bakers of all levels of expertise. Costs will be kept low through exclusive partnership with suppliers, bulk purchases, usage of social media for promotion and the minimization of fixed costs.

Baking made easy indeed. 🙂

When we first started off, we were highly energized by what seemed like a great idea. However, as the weeks wore on, and the technicalities associated with the execution of the project arose, things became more difficult. How do we do the costing? Is there really a demand for our product? How will we solve the operations of this seemingly messy business?

From this point on, our group’s diverse background really shone through. We were strangers at the beginning, but in the course of the projects, we let our strengths show, and we each rose to the occasion and contributed where we could do so. It was quite awesome.

So here we are, at the end of our journey. It was a great one, and I think that we all grew in our own way, together. In baking, each of the ingredients have a role to play. You mix them, roll them, mould them, and put it in the oven. Give it some time, and if the conditions are right, you’ve got a delicious cake.

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