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by Lee Meng Yong, Stacie Henson, Jacqueline Quek, Axel Fey, Rachel Tay, Xu Zhaoxi, Tan Jun Liang (Singapore)

The Team

Located at the heart of town along Purvis Street, The Pod is the first boutique capsule hotel to be established in Singapore. It brings together the effortless style of a boutique hotel and the coziness of a capsule hotel. At The Pod, you will find the perfect synergy between these two elements.

The Pod is managed by a team of passionate students from the Singapore Management University. The idea has been developed for 4 months under the supervision of Professor Pamela Lim. The team came from a diverse background with specialization in different disciplines that covers all aspects of the business. We will each assume a role of their expertise and make decisions as a team to bring forth the business.

With a proposition to provide the best comfort at affordable rates, The Pod will ensures utmost customer satisfaction that make guests look forward to their return. The Pod intends to capitalize on the heritage of the surrounding architecture to pull guests into a soothing, relaxing environment only found in the past, but with all the comforts of the modern world.

The Pod’s main target market segment is the Free and Independent Travelers (FITs). Upon market research, FITs is identified as a key market of tourists that remains untapped within the current hotel industry. They are mainly travelers who seek luxury, but not at exorbitant prices. By targeting this market segment, The Pod will be able to tap into an uncontested market space in a growing industry.

Lastly, the team has ambition to bring The Pod across Southeast Asia Region. Every stranger who walks into our hotel will become a friend of ours.

At The Pod, we welcome YOU.

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