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The story of Chinese wife (Latest Edition)

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by Ong (Singapore)

Beijing Ba Da Chu October 2008

My name is Serene Ong Tee Yuh, the meaning of Serene is “Peace”, a name given to me since my poly days when I was often physically unwell. I am married to a Chinese hubby and we have a pepper and salt miniature schnauzer coming to an age of three.

I work in a number of firms and corporate cultures – from mechanical industry, semi-conductor industry, IBM wholesales and latest food industry….exposing to multinational culture from American and Japanese firm, and latest Local Corporation. By coincidence or chance, all the positions I held were new in the company. Of all the places I have worked in, the current workplace, Prima Deli, is a place where the Chinese proverbs – “Sour, Sweet, Bitter and Spicy” is personified.

I joint Prima Deli as Operation Executive in year 1994, a new position to set-up planning system for their bakery plant. I was then transferred to Prima Limited R&D as Quality Engineering Executive, my core duties was to commission new line and process study.

In year 1999, Prima Limited management planned to expand their business horizon from Flour Based to Ready-to-eat paste business. Prima Limited R&D set-up new Plant named Food Technology Pilot Plant for this new entity. I was appointed to lead the team in commissioning of new process line and new plant set-up. In year 2002, Food Technology Pilot Plant successfully gives birth to Prima Taste and I remain as coordinator of the operations needs of Prima Taste.

I was then entrusted to manage R&D special Ingredients warehouse and micro-powder production plant. In year 2004, I was promoted to Pilot Plant Assistant Manager and I report direct to Group Prima Limited R&D manager cum Executive Director.

My other duties include coordinator of R&D buildings/facilities repair/maintenance and Prima Group internal plant auditor. My team comprises of two Assistant Operation Executives, one Administrative Assistant, one Technician, two store assistants and eight operators. My annual plant throughput is 200MT.

Rich industrial experiences? Despite that, I feel a void in my life, as if a puzzle is missing and I can’t fix up a complete picture. I keep searching and searching…… till I realized I am going through a mid-life crisis.

I could not feel the sense of completion or satisfaction in what I am doing now despite my apparent successes.

These “ill” feelings finally subsided when I pursue TEN programs from SIM University. Throughout the course, I look forward to every lesson, every exchange with lecturers and classmates. I am inspired by the Entrepreneurs in my class – Susan, Anol, Jason and Yong. They are full of confidence and passion. In them I began to understand the meaning of this profound SMS text from a friend of mine “if you love your job, you won’t need to work for the rest of your life. Do what you love and you will love what you do.”

TEN programs is coming to an end in June 2009, but to me, it marks the beginning of my entrepreneur journey……I am discovering, I am exploring and very soon, I believe I will venture into a NEW experience, maybe with some TEN classmates???…..Who knows one day I will realize my latest business vision (renewable energy) ….or “Food” chain business or…….?

I am very encouraged by the many testimonies example “Emporium” in his 80s, still remain hopeful….Entrepreneur spirit is about staying positive, believe what you believe, hope what you hope…..always press on!!!

“….let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your father in heaven” Matt. 5:16

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