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TickBucket Teaser

TickBucket Teaser
Team TickBucket

The past thirteen weeks in EBC class have been very memorable and enjoyable for our team. It has been a rewarding and fulfilling journey coming up with a business plan for TickBucket, our business. It gave us insight into what it means to work together as a team – we had to brainstorm about new ideas, discuss the pros and cons of each idea and finally collectively settle on TickBucket, an idea that we are very passionate about. We learnt that starting a viable business is not as easy as it seems. There were several factors to consider, especially since we were writing the business plan as if we would proceed with the start-up. The most difficult part was to come up with an idea. The idea had to be one that we were passionate about, and one that would be able to satisfy a market need at a profit. Eventually, after several brainstorming sessions, we settled on our idea.

Heading out into the real-world, we practised and honed our pitches; we observed real businesses’ and their services; we made calls to gather sources for publicity. Such hands-on practice was unprecedented, but it was truly fruitful and worth experiencing. We had a taste of how it was like if we were to carry out our idea. We also received valuable feedback about our idea from experts in the industry which we used to further improve our business plan.

After this experience, we have acquired knowledge, and more importantly, skills that will enable us to be effective entrepreneurs in the future. We have forged great friendships and hope to be able to work on our business plan together.

A summary about our business – TickBucket

TickBucket is a content-sharing social experience that categorizes and permeates bucket list ideas, targeted to every person who dreams. It is a social media platform that allows users to organize, share, and implement bucket list ideas. It is inspired by a lack of platforms available for people to seek assistance in achieving their goals. With an increased population of people seeking self-fulfillment, the concept of “carpe diem” is prevalent. Paired with the high use of social networks, TickBucket presents a solution to what people are searching for.

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