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by Eugenia Goh, Lionel Chia, Kenneth Koh, Ooi Kang Sheng, Randy Teo, Tay Ke Hui, Wang En Jian

TravelSafe aims to provide a peace of mind for working professionals with elderly dependents to care for. In Singapore’s ageing society, where almost 1 in 10 residents is a senior citizen, there is an increasing need for services that target the elderly. As dual-income households rocketed from 344,658 to 424,152 over the past decade, taking time off work to fulfill family obligations, such as accompanying elderly dependents for medical appointments, result in huge opportunity costs at work.

TravelSafe provides the ultimate solution of doorstep-to-doorstep transport services for the elderly where its concierges will accompany them from place to place. By providing clients with real-time status updates, the target market of working professionals can constantly track the locations and conditions of their elderly loved ones without stepping away from work.

With a business model that involves low start-up costs and minimal risks, TravelSafe is a short-term investment that will generate astonishing returns for its investors.

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