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Turning Your Dreams Into Reality

By May 27, 2020July 6th, 2020No Comments

by Lim Tianyi (Singapore)


While thinking of which courses to take for my final semester in SMU, I heard from my friends that Technological Entrepreneurship is a very practical, no fluff course that enables the students to start their business after or even, during the course, and that the professor is an award winning woman who have been doing business for many years, not some theoretical professor with no practical knowledge.

This is what I need! As I have been waiting for 2 years to start a condo related business. In 2007, I bought the domain, hoping that one day it can become an condo authority site. However, due to the busyness of SMU life, I have put that dream aside, tyying many different things that did not bring much excitement and fulfillment.

This course reignited my dream. My group consists of the smartest and most hardworking people in SMU, like Vincent who has alot of initiative and work really long hours to prepare the business plan report and the financials. Joel, who has a really great business mind, contributes alot to the business development and presentation of the final business plan. Kok Boon, a really close friend of mine, is always there to provide emotional support and spiritual advice, keeping me with the right perspective in this course. Eric is a great helper who would do anything that is requested of him, he has the best servanthood attitude and I am really grateful for him. Ben is a good looking man, gentle with words, and is willing to do what others are not willing to do, like going to the bookshop to cut the flyers! Ming is a super intelligent Temasek Scholar from Taiwan, who came up with the solution for integrating exchange students into our internship program during the summer holidays, so they will stay longer with us. Johan, in my opinion, is the most reliable exchange student I have ever worked with in my 4 years in SMU. He is early for meetings, does his part of the work speedily, and provide alot of insights into how we should run our business. Aaron, who is not from this class, is the chief web designer and programmer of this project, though he has no part in the grades, he is still willing to help me with the technical part of the website, an indispensable friend indeed.

These are the people who took care of the project, while that allowed me the time to meet investors, visit properties and talk to other business partners.

Professor Pamela has really inspired me and I learned alot from her. She has taught me the importance of being different from others, thinking out of the box for solutions to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. One thing she said that has stuck with me since, “do not be a Me-Too website”. She also mentioned that it doesn’t matter whether we get funding or not, just do something, get the business running, be successful and do not depend on investors. That is so right! We should work hard and not feel that without the money from government we would fail.

I heavily recommend anyone who is really serious about making a difference in their lifetime, to be someone who wants to lead a life that is fulfilling, to be a leader that goes against the crowd, to create a destiny for themselves, to turn your dreams into reality.

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