Submitted 2019-09-22 09:37:42-04
By: Leon Foo,

TITLE: Fowen Future


The idea for Fowen Future came about using my chinese name , Fowen is the short form of ‘foo yao wen’ and Future was added because the URL www.fowen.com was taken and the chinese owner refuse to sell to me at a good price, quoting 25,000RMB, which is astronomical price considering that this is just a try out start up that I’m going to embark.

I’m glad that the course is well structured and I can take advantage of the website implementation service as my day job is very hectic. In the coming months I will source for the right products and continue to populate and build up the website.

Please visit and suppoet: www.fowenfuture.com


Submitted 2019-09-21 00:22:11-04
By: Kum Boon Chye,
Singapore, Singapore

TITLE: Mansware

CAPTION: Guy greatness


At mansware, we believe that you can exude masculinity by pampering yourself with cool items and fashionable apparel


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By: ,

TITLE: Gen-Culture2U




Submitted 2019-09-21 23:17:45-04
By: Adeline Thong ,

TITLE: Deux & Moma – decadence in a box


Deuce & Moma is a luxury brand that serves the high end gifting market with decadent chocolates topped with ostentatious packaging.

It took me many changes and edits and jumping from one idea to another to get to this. Thanks to Pamela and her guidance, Through her guest speaker, she told us to dream bigger and in her Consultation session, helped explode ideas based on what I had and even check on at my skillsets,character to say what is suitable

Pamela has supported us not just in the technical and practical skillsets- it’s in her interest that we truly succeed as individuals -I recall her sharing before to restrategize our lives in order to cope with the workload ahead.

All thanks to her team, especially to Nick and Japher, in putting this together in such a broken down and easy to follow program while making it fun and creative all at once.


Submitted 2019-09-21 22:36:41-04
By: Vanessa ,


TITLE: Lexemperial (www.lexemperial.com)


As an entrepreneur, it’s not merely about buying and selling, but really, it’s about creating a lasting relationship with the consumers. The course has given us a foundation and a roadmap of what to expect next, so there’s still a lot that needs to be learnt during our own time.

My business is lexemperial – an amalgation of two words Lexeme and Imperial. Pamela suggested for the business name to be generic, and not too specific so initially, I wanted my business to focus on copywriting and content writing for businesses, but I do agree that it’s not scalable. Lexeme actually means creative (in greek) and imperial means empire. So I guess, a creative empire can really mean about anything for anybody. And I really wanted for my business to be something that I am familiar with, and something that I enjoy doing, so I decided to narrow down providing pet supplies and accessories because I think there’s a growing market in this industry. So in the end, Lexemperial means a creative empire, for pets.

I’ve learnt that there’s actually a lot to running a business, from finding products, to phototaking, to writing a story and of course, all the other logistical aspects that we have to eventually learn. It sounds daunting now, but hopefully, with some trial and error, I can get the hang of it. And it’s good that we’re only focusing on ONE product for now, so at least we get the details done first, and hopefully, eventually, whether we’re selling one or ten or even hundred products, the process and flow will be similar.


Submitted 2019-09-25 11:32:56-04
By: Kenny,

TITLE: Curious Trio


I came into this course being very hesitant especially since there were many courses out there teaching how to do business. However, what I was not prepared was to the extent of how detailed this course has covered in relation to business: from niche discovery; to corporate finance; to branding and marketing, I do feel that this course has provided a very structured and wide scope to let us have a more complete idea of running an e-commerce business.

It does cover certain popular areas like drop shipping, but it also goes above and beyond in covering other modes of businesses like wholesaling for e.g.

I enjoy having the support of fellow classmates who are so passionate about helping each other succeed, and there was never a hint of competing with each other. Everyone genuinely wants each other to succeed, and it is even more so from Pamela and Nick towards the rest of us.

I believe that one of my key takeaway from the course is to not just sell and do well, but also to do so ethically. Pamela and Nick have both proven to the business world that you can do it properly and ethically, and still make it big. It is encouraging for me to stick by my values and not succumb to bad values just in order to succeed.

This is a course I would encourage anyone who is keen on understanding more about e-commerce to consider, and believe that you will definitely get so much more value than what you have paid for.


Submitted 2019-09-25 11:51:11-04
By: sean,

TITLE: rare willow


added apps like macafee, oberlo, linkmanager, seo optimiser. added dummy product to my site. looks great!! Will continue to improve on it..

https://b3nice.myshopify.com – functional page
https://www.lluella.com – functional page, has risk reducer – thats good. need to add that to mine as well..
https://laughingfields.com – i see more features up, more pictures, same shopify template theme though
https://www.buzybunch.com – newletter popup, email address for discount popup. nice! but probably need to remove one of them, otherwise too many popups.
https://www.lonelycollector.com – wow. looks like a ready to go website! great job. i see full listings, lotsa pictures, good full descriptions. maybe needs some risk reducers. can add a email collection for mailing list, and add in a blog / articles section – this person’s products lend themselves very well to article pieces. would surely draw more attention increase retention.

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