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by EBC G2 Group 6


Unwined harnesses a new packaging concept for single serve, ready-to-drink wine. Its four key ingredients for success are top quality wine imported from Yarra Valley in Australia, a stylish look designed to wow and impress, ultimate portability and convenience due its design, and a die hard management team ready to make it a commercial success in Singapore and the Southeast Asian region.

Our target market are those who seek a convenient, hip and innovative new way to drink wine – the Millenials or the Millenial minded. This group loves the taste and benefits of wine, but don’t want to deal with carrying heavy bottles or breakable glasses to outdoor events. Unwined is a solution that they can just pop open and indulge.

This is primarily a manufacturing business that intends to sell to event organizers (such as those who organize concerts), midrange hotels, and caterers who want to minimize the logistical hassle of supplying wine from a glass.

Unwined is offering 15% of the company for $15,000. Investors will stand to enjoy any capital appreciation of its investment in the company as it grows as well as $0.05 royalties for each unit sold until the intial $15,000 is recouped. Unwined breaks even during year 2. At the end of year 5, Unwined will looking at revenues of S$7.68 million and a net profit of S$2.83 million.

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