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The concept of Yumbox started during a brainstorming session by a group of entrepreneurial SMU students who enjoy trying out gourmet food and reading food blogs in Singapore. We recognise that there is a large number of youths, who like us, love trying new food but are inconvenienced to do so due to their busy schedule. The Crew identified a potential product offering that would solve a want in the market. As a result, the conceptualizing process of the Yumbox began.

Yumbox will be set up as a company, owned and operated by 8 SMU students of various specialties and exposures. They are Kelvin Liew (Economics), Teo Tian Chong (Economics), Mark Krygsman (Economics), Virineth Kouch (Business), Jonathan Ng (Business), Kwok Sher Yan (Business), Guan Wenyi (Accountancy), and Rosnauli Widjaja (Accountancy), also known as “The Crew”.

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