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Back to basics

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by Hersheys (Singapore)

Recently, I am reading this book ‘The Toyota Way’ and would like to share one important message I learnt from it. I started reading with the assumption that its all going to be about the effectiveness of lean production, business processes, systems etc. However, as I go on reading, I realized it is not about any of the above.

Quoted directly from the book: “… In the toyota way, it’s the people who bring system to life: working, communicating, resolving issues and growing together…”

Reflecting on my working experiences for the past months in three different countries in Asia, this cannot be more true. My work involves in implementing an IT system that aid in the operation of the company. I began with an end in mind focusing on meeting deadlines. I am aware that implementing an IT system involves working with the various level of people in the organization, communicating the progress and direction of the work in an objective manner, resolving any issues that comes along the way yet as I progress, I realized that I am losing a bigger picture. That is the need to cultivate a harmonious environment that allows everyone in the organization to grow together.

Do I need to explain further about the need to grow together? Give it some thoughts…

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Oct 30, 2015
starstarstarstarstarEducation NEW
by: Layla Wootten

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Nov 11, 2009
by: Marco

What I learnt during this past semester spent in Singapore as exchange student is that in the whole word people are different and the skills required to manage them are also different. People represent the biggest asset of a company (both in established multinational corporation and in small start-up companies). To have a good team can boost your business and give you an edge above competitors. We shouldn’t just focus on our technical skills or theory, nowadays it is important to have people skills.
May 03, 2009
starstarstarstarMy lesson learnt
by: Pamela

Some years ago, I used to be frustrated with my work as a IT technical project leader. I was very conversant with my IT skills and could implement projects at half the time my peers were doing. All my systems were delivered in near perfect conditions. My project manager who sits above me knows nothing about systems, nothing about what I am doing. All she does was to agree with everything I said, sign on my reports and hand them up to the boss. She is the one who gets the promotions and pay increase, while I did all the hard work and endured the sleepless nights.

It was not long before I learnt an important lesson from this ‘O’levels holder: she had excellent people skill. She knew all the right people to be surround herself with, and she knew how to shut up when she knew nothing.

It was an important lesson. I learnt not only to work hard but also smart. I also learnt that managing the people: superior, direct reports and peers is and could be more important than getting that immaculate system in place!

Thanks for the reminder!

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