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Talk the talk, walk the walk

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by David Seow (Singapore)

When i was first nudged to join the class with a few friends, i was quite apprehensive thinking that this class was one that would not be as cool as it sounded. In fact, i was thinking that it was going to be like our other modules in school, LTB and MPW where its all fluff and no substance*.

But everything changed after the first lesson. Action came hard and fast where we had to think of a business and start building a business plan. Roles were determined quickly and we needed to come up with milestones to ensure work towards our goal of creating the company was accomplished on a weekly basis.

At meetings, discussions were cut to the chase instead of your usual hearty banters with one another, as there was a real business on the line and inputs
had to be productive. We all had a desire, a goal now. And that was to create the company and to make it successful. There was just no room for fluff.

I don’t know whether our company will be created successfully, nor do i know if it will be a success. For this, time will tell. However, I do now know that I have been well exposed to the makings of an entrepreneur. I have been given the privilege of speaking and learning from those that have been there and done that, and understand the tools that are needed as well. (passion/techinicals/BPs)

I entered the class not knowing what I would learn. But upon leaving, I now have a business (work in progress) which i am determined to succeed in, and i leave knowing that anything can be achieved if you have the right attitude, heart and desire.

The tools to entrepreneurship have opened the doors to my life (career).

*Author reserves right to refute being quoted.

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