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Cliqure's Teaser

Cliqure was formed serendipitously when the eight of us bidded for TE mod in Jan 2013. We all came into the class with different backgrounds and interests; some of us were already running existing businesses. Yet, there was one thing common for all of us – an aspiration to start something really big one day.

Brendan then pitched his idea of an online profiling platform for photographers which got all of us excited. There was no turning back after that. It was a good 13 weeks of fun, friendship and exchange of ideas within the team. We had our ‘many firsts’ – first time starting a tech business in 10 weeks, first-time doing an elevator pitch, first time pitching to a venture capitalist.. The list goes on. Through these experiences, many of us stepped out of our comfort zone and learnt so much that the textbook cannot offer.

We are extremely thankful to Prof Pamela Lim for her guidance and belief in us.


Connecting Photographers with the World

Business Concept
A platform that facilitates this transition, catering to photographers first, then their clients. A LinkedIn for photographers worldwide. A UI facilitated shift
from traditional focus on photos to contemporary convergence on photographer

Market Potential
A huge market potential spanning from the retail consumers and commercial clients who are looking to engage in photographers,to the professional photographers who wish to be found. Cliqure operates in a lucrative and stable photography service industry worth billions of dollars annually.

The Gap
A need for a transition platform for aspiring professional photographers to move from casual-sharing communities to professionally branded ones, where they can brand themselves and build up their clientele.

Consumer Buy-In
Photographers: Personally branding, networking and client engagement

Clients: A search engine facilitated platform to
find photographers

Revenue Model
A freemium revenue model, charging for premium features. User advertisement for search engines.

Launched through desktop, with a mobile application phase in August 2014 and software pluggin for Aperture and Lightroom

100,000 monthly website hits, 5,000 Twitter followers and Facebook likes by E2013. Page rank of third and active search for Cliqure content on search engines by M2014.

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