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EBC-2011/12Term2- eXintel

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by Joash Yeo, Li Zhiwei, Loo Jing Yi, Michelle Quek, Liu JunHao

eXintel is a Business-Intelligence (BI) solutions and consulting company, aiming to meet daily business needs on the Microsoft Excel platform.

We seek to provide affordable BI solutions that help improve business processes such as inventory control and management, profit and loss accounts, human resource handling and other business aspects, targeted towards Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore. The number of SMEs is growing rapidly and most are unable to purchase costly software. Thus, we see this as a potential market which eXintel can tap on.

eXintel has a low start-up cost as it relies solely on the technical knowledge as well as the interpersonal skills of our people. Manpower wise, eXintel solely relies on the expertise of its team of people. We expect to breakeven by our first year and expect a high gross profit margin of 80% for each sale made due to the leveraging on our efforts to maintain a low operational cost. We project that our sales revenue will hit a high of $140,000 by our 5th year of operations. eXintel is also expected to make profits and have a positive cash flow throughout the forecasted periods.

In terms of competition, eXintel is stepping into similar likes where huge, established BI multinational corporations such as Oracle or SAP have their dominance in the industry. However, eXintel’s competitive advantage is providing similar solutions at a lower cost. eXintel differentiates itself by providing customizable Excel models coupled with face-to-face consultations to improve the client company’s business efficiency.

We are confident that eXintel is a promising start-up that boasts of competitive advantages unparalleled to none other.

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