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by Frankly Speaking LLP (Singapore)

Frankly Speaking

Amongst the 5 schools in Singapore Management University (SMU), the only school that lacks a food stall is the Lee Kong Chian School of Business(LKCSB). As such her students have to visit other schools during the short break times to purchase food to satisfy their hunger.

Exacerbating this inconvenience is the expensive pricing of good quality food in the vicinity, where the average cost of a proper meal ranges from $4-$6. Sadly, even common foods that are of average quality are priced higher than usual, due to exorbitant rental prices in the CBD area. Thus there exists a need to fill a gap in the market – one that calls for a high quality yet low-price offering for students who are financially-stretched.

Due to be set up in the atrium of LKCSB, Frankly Speaking is en route to start-up a food stall that offers good-quality food at affordable prices while providing great convenience.

Frankly Speaking is founded on the principles of providing students with a high value-for money offering, taking to mind the financial, dietary and time constraints of every student.

With a differentiated product mix of specialty hotdogs, salads and soups, Frankly Speaking hopes to not merely be a provider of food for hungry students, but a food stall that embodies student-life by keeping the interests of students closest to the heart of the business.

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