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LabExpress – Wellness on the go

By May 21, 2020July 6th, 2020No Comments

by Shreeya, Shermaine, Xue Yin, Fabian, Lydia, Thanh, Loius

LabExpress Teaser

The whole idea began with 7 students from Singapore Management University. We share our ideas of having fun and would like to introduce that to the people. Originally we planned to open a bar that will sell fruit juice by day and alcoholic drinks by night. However, after talking to investors and gathering feedback, the team decided to work on LabExpress – a fruit juice van business idea that is fresh, filled with potential and promises good results!

LabExpress is a van that will move a round Singapore and park in different places. The van sells fruit juice to customers and is equipped with the latest technology to keep the fruits fresh and makes the taste heavenly good. We aim to target the students all over Singapore and the young adults that have a thing for healthy lifestyle.

As the module has come to an end, we have learnt lots of things about setting up a business in Singapore. As a dynamic group of students from different disciplines and cultures, LaGom came together and had fun while learnt so much about business operations, financial planning, strategic planning and even launching of a product. This definitely is an experience that every student should be granted in a tertiary institution.

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