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by Jonathan Lim, Rowell Soon, Shaun Kumar , Nguyen Kim Ngan Ha, Vishal Ramesh Uttamchandani, Joel Tan (Singapore)

LazyChef is a company that seeks to provide quality, low cost and convenient-to-prepare meals for its customers. Through the combination of its quality ingredients and interactive audio tutorials, LazyChef seeks to revolutionize the eating culture of today’s consumers. More importantly, LazyChef as an entity is about satisfying its customers to the absolute maximum – by generating convenience without compromising quality.

Main Features
In essence, we are offering to our customers a ‘cooking lesson in a box’ where fresh ingredients are packed in specific portions and then delivered to the customer. Customers will first select a dish they would like to cook and upon receiving the ingredients delivered by LazyChef, the customer will then use the fresh ingredients to cook a meal. Furthermore, customers have the option of logging on to our mobile application to download a simple step-by-step tutorial manual which gives suggestions on how to prepare the meal. Therefore, what LazyChef aims to achieve is to add the elements of interactivity and vibrancy into the eating experiences of its customers.

Target Audience:
Our primary target market is young adults aged 18-35 years who have little or no experience in cooking. Based on our survey results, we estimate that this category of customers take up approximately 85% of our target market. LazyChef however does not want to alienate people with cooking experience and as such we categorize this other group of people as our secondary target market. Our extensive usage of social media is therefore aimed at reaching out to as wide a range of potential customers as we possibly can.

Unique Selling Proposition:
Our market research shows that food businesses currently are not able to maximize performance capabilities in all these four areas: reasonable pricing, high convenience levels, quality and health. LazyChef is therefore designed to provide the most well-rounded food business concept in order to address genuine social issues. Our core competency lies in its potential to change customers’ perceptions of cooking: cooking is not seen as a chore but as something that can be enjoyed by all. LazyChef’s provision of pre-prepared fresh ingredients and simple cooking manuals delivered efficiently to the doorsteps of households would therefore go a long way in making meal preparation a more pleasurable experience.

Launching of the Business:
The launching of LazyChef has two phases: the soft launch phase and the official inauguration phase. The purpose of having a soft launch is to gauge the receptivity of the public to our product and to re-evaluate our business processes based on customers’ feedback so as to ensure a smooth official launch.

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