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My Entrepreneur Friends

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Network and friends are invaluable for everyone, especially entrepreneurs. Without friends, the journey is lonely, the struggle unworthy.

Every semester, my students and I invite some very renowned entrepreneurs to spend a few hours with us, to share with us their entrepreneurial journeys, and to tell us how they have struggled and survived. While putting together such an event has not been an easy task for any of us, we’ve learnt a lot.

I have put up this page to share with you the great insights from these friends. The video here will lead to some of the best entrepreneurial tales my students have heard, told by the mouths of the real subjects. Do give a feedback to tell my friends what you think. We’ll love to hear from you! It makes our entrepreneurial journey a little more delightful!

My Entrepreneur Friends

Now, if you consider yourself a friend of mine, whether I’ve seen you before or not, and you have an entrepreneurial story to tell, please leave your story for me to read using the form in the page that contains the video on my personal website. My students and readers would love to hear your stories and learn from your experiences. Leave your stories in writing and drop your details as well so that I can contact you.

Thank you for sharing with us your interesting journey!

Pamela Lim

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