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Quintessential Cosmetics

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by Chee Wen Qi, Div Teng, Eddy Lim, Grace Chan, Li Qiqian, Loy Zhen Yi, Terrence Chua (Singapore)

Quintessential Cosmetics, also known as 黃金比例 in Chinese, is a premiere hub for cosmetic surgery and products that is dedicated to excellence hand work, daily and after care for our clients. We will develop a patented state of art technology to analyse and track progress of the Skin Condition and Golden Ratio of our customers and help them to achieve their best look given their natural facial features.
The markets we first aim to enter are United Arab Emirates, China and Hong Kong. UAE is the most attractive market for our cosmetic services which we aim to capture approximately 1% of this market – USD11.55 million. China is the most attractive market for our skin care products and make-up products which we aim to capture approximately 3% at USD27.48 million and 0.5% at USD 0.95million respectively.
The choice of location to support our vision is critical. We chose The American Hospital because of it is near the clusters of medical clinics, allowing greater advantage in a fixed and trustable inflow of customers. It also facilitates the sharing and transfer of skills and technology, as well as research and development among the various businesses. Additionally, it gives the bulk of our customers who are mostly tourists; greater assurance if our clinic is located at the prime medical clinics areas and not somewhere
Our unique selling proposition lies in our Patented Golden Ratio and Skin Condition Diagnostic System, Effective Skin Care Products, Natural Make-Up and Cosmetic Services of Excellence. This range of USP allows us to scale and to cover the full spectrum of the market. Should a client be unreceptive towards cosmetic services, they can turn to Feng Shui or Make-Up under our wing of services and products. In addition by offering this spectrum of products and services, we are able to obtain regular income through the sale of our skin care and make-up products.
Ridding on the similarities of equipment and labour in cosmetic surgery and other face care services, we capture not just the niche market but the mass market through the provision of other face care services such as facial, laser treatment, botox and Stem Cell enhancement. Moreover, similar to the success of Abercombie & Fitch, our services not just capture the men but also ladies.
We are searching for keen investors willing to invest in the range of USD 0.5 to 2 million. With multiple streams of revenue and a reasonable startup of USD 1million, we expect to see a profit on the first year and a healthy cash flow.
With a growing beauty dollar and greater consciousness of beauty, we believe Quintessential Cosmetics – 黄金比例 will be an industry setter in the aesthetic and cosmetic line.

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