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by Ken Chang Yuan Shao (Singapore)

Our Story

Scene #1 – Crisis: Episode with Co-founder – Early on, there was a disagreement among the partners and it took maturity and calmness to make the right management decision. Working with the right partners, not necessarily the most qualified or recommended people, is crucial. We learnt that the process does not need to be perfect, but the people you are working with should be.

Scene #2 – On our own: late night coding – Learning something new like coding is never easy. Being thrown into the deep end just requires more perseverance and a calm mind; It helps that Google is a great teacher.

Scene #3a/3b – Even later night presentation/Presentation day! (by zombies?) – Last minute preparation will only result in less than optimal performance. We have learnt that early preparation will reap the best performance, especially for presentations.

Scene #4 – Courage to stand for our idea – Realising that people often shoot down ideas, even when they give constructive feedback, they are focusing on what your project can’t do. We learned to motivate ourselves and it dawned on us that it is acceptable if the plan isn’t foolproof, because no plan really is.

Our Summary

SPACES is a web portal with the listing of venues in our network.
This online platform enables organisers of activities and events to discover and book their preferred location. On each venue listing, information such as availability, booking price, and user reviews can be easily accessed. These features will simplify the currently tedious process of securing a venue.
We want to build a community and SPACES will focus on boutique venues and support local businesses and social enterprises. SPACES welcomes all types of venues providers regardless of whether it is for a long term lease a short co-working space, or just an unused space in your workplace or home. SPACES is all about bringing your extra space to the market space.
Bringing physical spaces to cyberspace!

Our Members

Sharon Paul
Hannah Sim
Tan Chay Ling
Ken Chang
Clarinda Chia
Richard Low

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