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by Sng Wei Zhuang Steve (Singapore)

Collaborative Search

I’m quite disappointed with myself… I didn’t work on my own business idea for the project (which is why I admire Eric’s bold decision to venture out on his own). I didn’t really enjoy the course because I felt tired every Friday morning (it’s my only morning class for the term!). I didn’t participate much in class and I skipped classes twice! And just yesterday, I didn’t do well for the test. There are so many things I didn’t do, didn’t do well, or didn’t enjoy in the course, yet I have learned a lot.

From the TE project experience, I realized the importance of having a team of members with complementing expertise (finance, marketing, accounting, etc) and how badly I lack them in my own business currently. Unlike my TE team, my partners and I are all IS students. While we have strong IT background, we are not as bright when it comes to preparing cash flow statement, writing business plan and doing sales pitch. So if any of you reading my journal now is interested in my business ( and you think you are the person we currently lack, please contact me at

In looking at this TE team, I can also see the harmony that keeps the team working together and moving forward. I think this is very important for any start-up because there are only a few founders and if there is no harmony and the founders fall out, the business is as good as dead.

Even though I got funding for my business, I got an initial blow to my confidence from the lukewarm response to my business’s closed beta launch. I even started to wonder if what we are building is that great or different from others. Same for this TE team, I believe there will be times when we as entrepreneurs will wonder if it is really worth working for. However, we can get encouragement, especially if we get them from our visionaries/early adopters. Your initial offering may not be great, but if you are great, your product/service will be great in the future. I have never doubted my ability. If I want and I spend the time, nothing is impossible.

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