People always wonder how effective are my entrepreneurship courses. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Here is another one of many hundred success cases.

In 2 weeks, this team of three entrepreneurs has made a revenue of $64,000 by selling high value ticket items. Selling expensive items is one important strategy in the 2020s if you want to do well in the e-business world.

It is a no brainer: if you want to rake in $250,000 a year, you either sell 25 units of $1,000 items or 250 units of $100 items. Which do you think require more effort? And the bonus is that high value items are always more profitable than low value ones.

In 2020, this should be one of the most important strategies for selling products or services, online or off line. Interestingly, this strategy may not have worked five years ago, because the market conditions was different. This is also one of the many strategies that will be covered in my next version of “How to make half a million in 2 years – guaranteed” course in April 2020.

One of the biggest reasons I teach entrepreneurship is because I have seen so many people change their economic conditions because of entrepreneurship, I get to see dreams come true. How fulfiling is that!

2020’s is a decade that’s full of opportunities, but honestly, will be full of challenges as well. How well we do really depends on how we find the right waves and ride them. We either win, lose, win big or lose big. I hope to help people win big, like I have done over the last two decades.

If you feel it is your turn to convert your passion to a viable business, then it is time to look for a side hustle and be disciplined about executing it. I will augment your effort with the little details and secrets that I have learned and still continually learning.

I will be guiding you for two years and walk your early entrepreneurial journey with you. Please sign up at :, and take advantage of the early bird discount before they are out of stock. While there, do look around to see more success stories like above and how read about how great entrepreneurs can really be made with the right instructions and knowledge.

*We are interested in people in hardship, scholarships available for participants with income less than $2,000 and if your family income is less than $3,000, you pay half. However, you will need to raise enough to start the business.

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